FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I be a member if I reside outside of Costa Mesa?
A: Yes, anyone can belong to Halecrest Park.

Q: Are short-term memberships available?
A: Twelve consecutive months of membership are required under our contract terms.

Q: May event planners provide their own food, drinks, music and entertainment?
A: You may use a caterer of your choice, or self-cater. Entertainment and/or a live DJ are also allowed, based on receiving final approval from the Board of Directors.

Q: What type of events can be held at Halecrest Park?
A: Halecrest has facilities available for birthdays or graduation celebrations, craft classes, social events, business meetings, club meetings, weddings, receptions, and more.

Q: Are discounts available to members for rental of the clubhouses?
A: Yes, discounts are available to members interested in our rental facilities.